FHNS Outdoor League

The Field Hockey Nova Scotia Outdoor Mixed League is played on the artificial turf at Saint Mary`s University's Huskies Stadium. The league has been in operation since 1975 and teams consist of men, women, junior and senior players. New players are always welcome, and although many players have in the league have field hockey experience, it is not necessary to join. The league runs on Sunday evenings throughout the summer - beginning in May with playoffs taking place in August. There is typically open pick-up time on Wednesday evenings at St. Mary's University.

2019 Outdoor Rule Changes

Pickup Night:

  1. Open pickup/scrimmage time will be scheduled throughout the season, approximately one hour per week, dependent on facility availability.  Pickup may occur at various facilities in HRM.
  2. Pickup is open to all league members, other members of FHNS, and non-members interested in trying out the sport.  All participants of pickup night MUST sign the appropriate  FHNS Indemnity/membership form and meet the minimum age requirement.
  3. The pickup schedule shall be posted on the league schedule and/or the league website.
  4. All pickup night participants should bring a LIGHT and DARK shirt, to allow for the random splitting of players during the scrimmage.
  5. Any member or participant under the age of eighteen (18) must wear a mouthguard while on the playing surface.


Construction Campus Disruption Plan May to July 2019

League Rules

To ensure consistency in umpiring calls and to help players understand new rules and how / why calls are made, read the following documents:


The league runs on Sunday evenings throughout the summer. Beginning in May with playoffs taking place in August at the turf at St. Mary's University. The full schedule will be released in May once teams have confirmed registration.

There is typically open pick-up time on Wednesday evenings at St. Mary's University.

Join Us

The league is open to new players and past field hockey is experience is not required, although it is recommended. Contact the League Coordinator to be assigned to a team.





Outdoor Mixed League Past Winners

YearRick Hoos Trophy - League WinnersBluenose Trophy - Playoff WinnersThe Eric John Andrews Memorial Cup - Top Scorer
2017Panthers FHCPanthers FHCShane Rajaraman
2016Panthers FHCPanthers FHCGhassan Hamam
2015Panthers FHCBeavers FHCShane Rajaraman
2014Panthers FHCPanthers FHCShane Rajaraman & Brittany Avery
2013Panthers FHCRamblers FHCShane Rajaraman
2012Panthers FHCPanthers FHCShane Rajaraman
2011Panthers FHCPanthers FHCShane Rajaraman
2010Panthers FHCPanthers FHCScott Read
2009Panthers FHCPanthers FHCShane Rajaraman
2008Cougars FHCCougars FHCAndy Townsend
2007Cougars FHCPanthers FHCMario DeMello
2006Cougars FHCCougars FHCMurali Rajaraman
2005Cougars FHCCougars FHCRobin Langille & Paul Taljaard
2004Cougars FHCPanthers FHCDan Pudwell
2003Cats FHCPanthers FHCDan Pudwell
2002Hotspurs FHCHotspurs FHCJeff Norman
2001Hotspurs FHCPanthers FHCDan Pudwell
2000Hotspurs FHCPanthers FHCJeff Norman
1999Cougars FHCPanthers FHCMark Cluney
1998Cougars FHCPanthers FHCNeil Ridgeway
1997Cougars FHCCougars FHCJason Trentholm
1996Cougars FHCHotspurs FHCKevin Peveril
1995Cougars FHCPanthers FHCMario DeMello & Kevin Peveril
1994Cougars FHCHotspurs FHCMike Bonin
1993Cats FHCCougars FHCBrian Patterson
1992Cougars FHCHotspurs FHCPeter Andrews & Barry Callister
1991Cougars FHCCats FHCn/a
1990Cougars FHCHotspurs FHCn/a
1989Cougars FHCPanthers FHCn/a
1988Cougars FHCCougars FHCn/a
1987Cougars FHCCougars FHCn/a
1986Cougars FHCCougars FHCn/a
1985Cats FHCCougars FHCn/a
1984Cougars FHCCougars FHCn/a
1983Cougars FHCCougars FHCn/a
1982Hotspurs FHCCougars FHCn/a
1981Panthers FHCPanthers FHCn/a
1980Armdale FHCArmdale FHCn/a
1979Armdale FHCM&S Sports Hawksn/a
1978Dartmouth FHCDartmouth FHCn/a
1977Dartmouth FHCHalifax FHCn/a
1976Dalhousie FHCDalhousie FHCn/a
1975Halifax FHCBedford FHCn/a