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International Hockey Federation (FIH)This organization governs field hockey internationally. You will find the latest rules and interpretations, resource materials for sale, and international results. You can even subscribe for free e-news.
FIH Video LibraryThis site has a lot of videos of various match situations where you can see the penalty and the umpire's decision, read the applicable rule as well as a rationale for the decision.
National Programme Umpiring AssociationVarious umpiring information.
Umpire HockeyFree articles on umpiring, Q&As, as well as resources for sale.
Field Hockey ForumAn online discussion forum where you can post questions to get answers from umpires from around the world. Note that some answers may not be correct! Some of the participants are current international umpires and you need to pay attention to their answers.
Indoor Hockey
FIH 2017 Indoor Hockey RulesComplete rules of Indoor Hockey
2017 Indoor Hockey - FIH Umpires Manager BriefingsThis document is designed to provide umpires with match preparation and guidelines on interpreting the rules in various situations.
2017 USA Field Hockey Indoor Briefing Video (YouTube)2017 USA Field Hockey Indoor Briefing
Indoor Hockey Umpire Signals - IllustratedThis document shows you the signals used by indoor hockey umpires.
FHNS Simple explanation of the rules of Indoor HockeyThis is a guide for parents, beginner coaches, and players on the rules of Indoor Hockey. It is not a replacement for the rule book but an aid to help parents understand the game a bit more.
Examples of Indoor Rules
Self Pass Rule:
Video explanation on the new Outdoor Self-Pass Rule (YouTube)
These videos cover the interpretations of how the Self Pass rule works for Outdoor hockey. However, the principles are the same for Indoor hockey except that:
 instead of 7 yds, assume 3m
 instead of 25 yds, assume half
High Ball Off Goalkeeper 1
High Ball Off Goalkeeper 2
High Ball Off Goalkeeper 3
These videos shows you what the call is when the ball is shot high and rebounds off the goalkeeper. Unless it is dangerous, players are expected to wait until the ball is on th ground.
3 Meter RuleAttackers take free push within 3m of the circle and are penalized. No re-take
Obstruction 1Good example of how the attacker cannot play ball towards goal due to defenders' positions. Only option is to play ball back.
Obstruction - Moving into defender 1
Obstruction - Moving into defender 2
Obstruction - Moving into defender 3
Examples of attackers who have possession of the ball but illegally try to force their way through the defenders.
Shot Into Defender 1Attacker played ball into defender who was within 3m. Foul by attacker. No card
Shot Into Defender 2Attacker played ball into defender who was within 3m. Foul by attacker. No card
Shot Into Defender 3Attacker played ball into defender who was within 3m. Foul by attacker. Green card
Shot Into Defender 4Attacker tried to pass ball to team-mate. Defender was more than 3m away. Foul by defender.
Shot Into Defender 5Defenders positioned with stick along ground. No option for attacker so he passed the ball.
Shot Into Defender 6Attacker played ball into defender who was within 3m. Foul by attacker. No card
Legal Tackle Through FeetDefenders attempt to play ball through attacker's feet. No stick or body contact made. Defender gets ball and attacker then checks defender's stick. Foul on attacker.
Outdoor Hockey
Rules of Outdoor Hockey including explanationsComplete, official rules of Outdoor Field Hockey
2015 FIH Umpires Manager BriefingsThis document is designed to provide umpires with match preparation and guidelines on interpreting the rules in various situations.
2015 Outdoor Hockey Rule ChangesA video explaining
the 2015 FIH Outdoor Hockey rule changes
2016 Rio Olympic Hockey Umpire BriefingExcellent video showing different match situations and how to handle them
FHNS Outdoor Hockey Rules FAQ (85Kb). Updated: May 8, 2012A list of questions and answers on the rules and how to interpret them
Simple explanation of the Rules (174Kb). Updated: June 22, 2011This document is meant for new players, parents, etc. and provides a basic explanation of the rules.
Outdoor Self-Pass RuleVideo explaining the new outdoor hockey self pass rule. can find other videos explaining this rule on YouTube (Search for "Field Hockey Self-pass").
FIH Rules of Hockey Video LibraryExcellent resource! 37 mini clips from international matches showing various legal and illegal situations such as aerial balls, tackles, self-pass, obstruction, and advantage calls. Each video has supporting information such as the applicable rule, decision, guidance, and interpretation.

New videos:
Ball above the shoulder 1 - stopped by defender in circle
Ball above the shoulder 2 - opponent within 5m. Play advantage
Breaking at Penalty Corner 1 - defender must to centre-line
Breaking at Penalty Corner 2 - goalkeeper broke early
Penalty Shoot-Out Competition

FIH Explanation of the Shoot-Out Procedures

Video of a shoot-out in progress - Arg v NZ (2014)

Video of a shoot-out in progress - Ind vs Pak (2014)

Video of a shoot-out in progress - USA vs Aus (2014)

Video of a shoot-out in progress - Canada vs NZ (2015)
The FIH has implemented a new method for settling ties at the end of a game. This is not a new rule but a tournament regulation. Therefore, it is up to each league/tournament to determine if they wish to use this new regulation.

Umpires: note where each of the two umpires are located during the shoot-out. Typically, the umpires stand in the circle on either side of the action. That way, they can help each other in case one person's view is blocked. If you have a spare umpire, he/she can stand on the goal-line to make sure the ball has crossed the line. Suggestion: get a third person to manage the 8-second timer.

Cards (Green & Yellow)


Delaying Self-Pass

Hitting Ball through Player

Management (players, situations)


Overhead Balls

Raised Balls

Self Pass / Free

Tackles - Bad

Tackles - Good & Bad - June 2016
Umpire: Cooperation / Referrals
Umpire: Positioning - June 2016
Starting the Game
Timing at Penalty Corners
Source: All these videos have been extracted from international matches umpired by the top umpires in the world.
Purpose: The purposes is to help umpires and players see how calls are made and to learn by watching.
Each link on the left will take you to YouTube where you will see multiple videos of each topic. In some cases you will need a speaker to hear the conversation between the umpires or with the players.
The date indicates when new content has been added.
Tackles - Bad has lots of examples of cards issued