Atlantic Cup

The Annual Atlantic Cup Field Hockey Tournament was held this weekend at Dalhousie University Turf in Halifax. The round robin tournament consisted of 6 teams with a final between the top two teams after pool play.

The final saw the Halifax Andrews Team defeat the Halifax Privateers 1-0. Scoring for the Andrews Team was canadian indoor national squad player from Halifax, Shane Rajaraman and the shut out was by Pardeep Koonar.

Pool Scores:
Andrews 3-0 Panthers
Privateers 4-0 Outaouais
Dragons 3-2 Hericanes
Andrews 1-0 Privateers
Outaouais 3-1 Panthers
Privateers 6-0 Hericanes
Dragons 0-0 Panthers
Outaouais 7-1 Hericanes
Andrews 7-0 Dragons
Andrews 4-0 Hericanes
Outaouais 4-0 Dragons
Privateers 1-0 Panthers
Andrews 3-0 Outaouais
Privateers 6-0 Dragons
Panthers 1-1 Hericanes

Andrews 1-0 Privateers
Andrews Goal: Shane Rajaraman
Andrews Shut Out: Pardeep Koonar