Field Hockey Nova Scotia Covid-19 Update

A message from the President of Field Hockey Nova Scotia, Sharon Rajaraman.

Nova Scotia Return to play Plan:

I wanted to update you all on where things stand at this time.

Over the last two months I have been involved with ZOOM meetings in regards to:

1/ Sport Nova Scotia, 2/ Field Hockey Canada, 3/ University Sport.

In Nova Scotia things have started to open up with a few Individual sports starting 2  weeks ago. Team sports are still pending as they would require higher restrictions. As of June 5th, gyms are allowed to open if they have a strategic plan to do so. I have been informed by SMU that there will be no turf rentals in June. In Nova Scotia we would need to develop a strategic plan for field hockey which FHC is in the process of putting something together that would be then forwarded to the Provinces, in our case, Sport Nova Scotia would then need to approve before there can be a resume to play.


As to FHNS bi-laws usually the FHNS AGM would occur in May of each year. With the COVID pandemic SNS announced with legal approval, that an extension of AGM’s could be extended to 90 days. Sport Nova Scotia and many sports used this extension, hoping to hold during a time when the situation was more stable, also when it would be possible to have with personal attendance. There would be a need to look at setting a date for this. Many meetings are now being held through Zoom or other web systems.

FHNS Programs Action Plan:

I am aware that over the month of June decisions will be made in terms of Teams sports by FHC & SNS. FHNS will need to devise a plan as to what programs will look like and what could be possible. Once I have some idea of what decisions will look like on the Return to Play Policies put in place for Team sports, I can arrange a Zoom meeting with the FHNS Committee and Club Team Captains to work on Program Plans.