Junior High Girls Field Hockey Tournament

Field Hockey Nova Scotia hosted the Junior High School Girls Field Hockey Tournament on May 26th, 2018 at Amrbrae Academy. The tournament included Armbrae, Sacred Heart, and Oxford with Oxford winning the JRHS banner.

Armbrae 7 vs 1 Sacred Heart (Girls)
Armbrae Goals: Sophie Pomeroy 4, Kieric AnJager, Zoe McGrath, Ecum Haywood, Frida Kaeubler-Delon
Sacred Heart Goal: Allyson Lightfoot

Oxford 8 vs 1 Sacred Heart (Girls)
Oxford Goals: Samantha Taylor 4, Charlotte Baines 2, Katie Zink, Brigid Gallagher
Sacred Heart Goal: Allyson Lightfoot

Oxford 3 vs 2 Armbrae (Girls)
Oxford Goals: Samantha Taylor, Charlotte Baines, Bridget DeAdder
Armbrae Goals: Sophie Pomeroy

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