Mashed Potatoes win Atlantic Cup Tournament

Field Hockey Nova Scotia was very pleased to hold the Annual Atlantic Cup Tournament 2021 in Halifax over the week-end after a year absence due to Covid. Participants were very excited to be back out on the field and thanks to the sponsors for making the tournament a huge success and a special thanks to Kelly Lightfoot responsible for Covid Gate Screening/Canteen and Lori Ann Andrews, Tournament Organizer. This year’s tournament consisted of 5 local teams in a round-robin tournament followed by 2 semis and a final. This years Atlantic Cup winner was the Mashed Potatoes with a score of 3-2 against the Andrews (A-Team).

Round Robin Results:

A-Team 7 vs 0 Saint Mary’s

Beavers 4 vs 0 Mashed Potatoes

Saint Mary’s 7 vs 0 Provincial U18

A-Team 3 vs 1 Beavers

Mashed Potatoes 8 vs 1 Saint Mary’s

Beavers 5 vs 0 Provincial U18

A-Team 1 vs 0 Mashed Potatoes

Mashed Potatoes 6 vs 0 Provincial U18

Beavers 4 vs 0 Saint Mary’s

A-Team 5 vs 0 Provincial U18

Play Off Round:

Semi 1:

A-Team 4 vs 0 Saint Mary’s

A-Team Goals: Sharan Gill, Shane Rajaraman, Arron Bonin, Drew Rajaraman

A-Team Shut Out: Elliot Siewert

Semi 2:

Mashed Potatoes 2 vs 2 Beavers  (In Regulation Time & Over Time)

Mashed Potatoes Goals: Angus Newton, Erin Ring

Beavers Goals: Ghassan Hamam, Nik Hakansson


Mashed Potatoes 5 vs 3 Beavers

Mashed Potatoes Goals: Ellen Dixon, Paul Whatling, Danielle Dempsey, Kendra Perrin, Matt Fallon

Beavers Goals: Mario Demello, Patricia Gemmel, Nik Hakansson


Mashed Potatoes 3 vs 2 A-Team

Mashed Potatoes Goals: Matt Fallon 2,Erin Ring

A-Team Goals: Sharan Gill 2