Mixed League Playoffs Results and Awards

The Field Hockey Nova Scotia Summer Mixed League Finals were held on August 14 th , 2022, at
Dal Turf in Halifax. This league ran from May to August and consisted of 4 team, Beavers,
Dragons, Privateers, and Rocky Stars. The Finals saw Dragon’s defeat Beavers by a score of 2-0.
Scoring for the Dragons was Steve Andrews and Aarish Khan.

Play Offs:
Semi Final: Dragons 2-0 Rockystars (League 1 st vs 4 th ) By Default
Semi Final: Beavers 3-1 Privateers (League 2 nd vs 3 rd )
Beavers Goals: Ghassan Hamam 2, Kelsey Stewart
Privateer Goal: Manvinder Singh
Final: Dragons 2-0 Beavers:
Dragons Goals: Steve Andrews, Arish Khan
Dragons Shut Out: Max Vigneau

League Awards:
Top Scorer: Hunter Rose
League Winner: Dragons
Play-Off Winner: Dragons

Team Awards:
Beavers: Rookie Award – Ramandeep Singh
Beavers: Best Defensive Player – Sarah Derby
Dragons: Best Forward – Hunter Rose
Dragons: Best Defensive Player – Max Vigneau
Privateers: Rookie Award – Tristin Singh
Privateers: Best Defensive Player – Maggie Scarrow
Rockystars: Mosquito Award – Danielle Dempsey
Rockystars: Brick Award – Erin Ryan